Melia by Miel D'Anicet

Run by visionary entrepreneurs and partners Anne-Virginie Schmidt and Anicet Desrochers, Miels d’Anicet markets five to seven varieties of honey from over 1 000 hives in the Ferme-Neuve countryside of the Hautes-Laurentides, a region free of intensive agriculture and known for its great diversity of wild flowers. Their honeys are organic and produced using classical apicultural methods that focus on the health, well-being and preservation of the bees. This organic certification ensures that 1) land located within a 3 km radius of the hives is essentially wild and made up of organic vegetation, 2) the protection of bees always has priority and 3) the honey making process preserves the honey’s purity. Carefully handcrafted in their Ferme-Neuve shop, Mélia products are certified organic, 100% natural and biodegradable. Each is made from premium ingredients such as honey (a natural skin ally), beeswax (a remarkably soft skin protector), propolis (a natural antibiotic with antibacterial and healing properties) and essential oils (for fragrance).