Collection: The Future is Bamboo

With awareness for environmental issues on the rise across the planet, the family-owned and operated company - The Future is Bamboo -  decided to do more than just talk about it. They decided to get to work.

Their mission is simple: helping consumers make conscious choices with their daily habits, at the most affordable price available.

All their products are cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly and cost effective.

Why bamboo?

  • 100% biodegradable. Meaning it will decompose into soil and go back to the Earth.
  • Earth's lungs. Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent of regular mixed forests. Bamboo offers a chance to drastically protect the forests that we have left.
  • Zero deforestation. When it is harvested, it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system with no need for additional planting or cultivation.

  • Very little waste. After harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of products. From soil-enriching mulch to toothbrushes, straws, utensils, to even furniture! Every part of the plant can be utilized.

  • No fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides needed. Bamboo requires no agricultural chemicals to thrive. Yay!

  • Economic development. Bamboo production and the manufacturing of bamboo products provides job opportunities in areas that desperately need social and economic stability. We currently source from China & Vietnam, where MOSO bamboo is widely available from responsible farmers.