Dynamic Duo September 2020 - LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist & Fitglow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream

Dynamic Duo September 2020 - LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist & Fitglow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream


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This month, in collaboration with Connected Health & Skin, we have built a special edition Dynamic Duo to help keep your skin healthy and happy as we return to work and school. This month we have paired the LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist + HOCL and Fitglow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream to soothe irritated skin and combat redness and inflammation. You save 20% when you purchase this pair together.

We love these two products together especially to protect the skin from the irritating effects of daily mask wearing.

The LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist + HOCL provides a natural boost of protection and nourishment throughout the day by revitalizing, cleansing, hydrating and illuminating the skin. We recommend giving the skin a little refreshing spritz when you remove your mask or anytime your skin feels hot and irritated.

Fitglow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream contains a proprietary c3 Organic Calming Plant blend that repairs stressed skin, improves skin strength and calms irritation. The green mineral tint immediately reduces the look of redness while local organic grapeseed oil hydrates without greasiness. 

This duo protects the skin and keeps it soft, smooth and glowing.

Directions: Mist cleansed skin with LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist and apply a thin layer of Fitglow Redness Rescue Cream over irritated patches or all over to reduce redness. 

Give the skin an extra spritz of the Oxygen Mist throughout the day to refresh skin and layer protection.

Size: LUMIONskin Oxygen Mist + HOCL 100 ml and Fitglow Beauty Redness Rescue Cream 30 ml

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