Collection: SunnaTan

SunnaTan is so much more than just self-tanning products. They are full of skin happy ingredients that leave your skin not only looking tanned but feeling healthy and moisturized. They've created a movement in the sunless tanning community by developing safe, natural and organic products for your skin. SunnaTan products are carefully crafted and formulated, exclusively by natural beauty chemist in Canada. 

SunnaTan prides itself on creating products with clean & functional ingredients. Each product has an ingredient list and breaks it down whether an ingredient is organic, natural or naturally-derived. Their tanners do not have any synthetic bronzers and have an amazing light citrus scent, No nasty smelling self tanner here. Their exclusive all-natural tanning formula works with each unique skin tone to deliver a flawless glow. All of the SunnaTan products have been carefully crafted & designed, creating a beautiful sunless tanning experience you can feel good about and your skin will LOVE!