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NeoGenesis MB-1

NeoGenesis MB-1

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Balancing Probiotic Mist

MB-1 helps to restore balance to the skins’ surface by providing active bacterial cultures and molecules to balance the microbiota on the skin’s surface. It is safe to use on acneic skin, rashes, irritated skin, and other imbalances that appear on the skin.

  • Provides light hydration
  • Creates balance on the skin’s surface
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Oncology friendly

      Acne is one of the most difficult skin conditions, as it can be caused by so many underlying issues. Are you ready to try out a healthy skin care product for acne-prone skin? Combat breakouts and restore balance to your skin with NeoGenesis MB-1 spray. This powerful yet gentle mist re-balances the good and bad bacteria on the skin’s surface to help mitigate acne and irritation.

      Complete your skincare routine each day with NeoGenesis MB-1 spray. It delivers powerful ingredients and helps rejuvenate your complexion for healthier-looking skin!

            Directions for Application: Shake well before each use. Spray on to skin after all other products have been applied. Use a minimum of twice per day, or as needed.

            Ingredients: Water, Live Nitrifying Bacteria, Sodium Hyaluronate Butyrate.

            Size: 30 ml 

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